About Dalli Rajhara

Dalli Rajhara is an important industrial town in Drug District of Chattisgarh state. The town solely owes its industrial status to its huge iron ore reserves. In fact, had it not been for its iron ore reserves this town’s economic fortune would have never changed for better. This fortunate of change has had a very positive impact on town’s key infrastructure, but more importantly has provided livelihood to thousands of local people.

Economy of Dalli Rajhara

About Dalli-Rajhara
Dalli-Rajhara iron ore mines in Chhattisgarh

The economy of Dalli Rajhara completely relies on iron ore mining business. Most of Dalli Rajhara’s iron ore reserves is controlled by Sail or Steel Authority of India Limited. And therefore it is not at all surprisingly that more than 50% of local labourers here are directly or indirectly employed by Sail Company. Besides SAIL, there are quite a few other private mining companies that are doing their operation here. Although these companies mining operation and scale is not as huge as SAIL, but they are making considerable contribution towards local economy. If we keep aside the mining economy, then rest of Dalli Rajhara’s economy constitutes of small yet productive service sector. Actually decades of steady urbanization paved way for many service sector oriented Institutions in this town. This includes institutions like banks, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, self employed professionals etc. Although total employment and revenue generated by all these institutions may look very marginal in comparison to mining industry, but their contribution is still critical for local economy.

Banks in Dalli Rajhara

Today various commercial banks are operating their branches in Dalli Rajhara. Thanks to these existing banks today local citizens here are fully able to enjoy full fledged banking services, which was barely possible many decades back. Besides, these banks have also helped in inculcating banking culture and habits among local people here, which again until last decade was completely nonexistent in this town.

Axis Bank
Address: Ground Floor Jain Mandir Ward Ward No. 22, Chhattisgarh, Dalli Rajhara, 491228.
Phone no: not available

Punjab National Bank
Address: Jain Bhawan Chowk, BSP Road, Near State Bank of India, Dalli-Rajhara- 491228
Phone no: (07748) 285660

Punjab And Sind Bank
Address: 12, New Market Road, Gupta Chowk, Near Gurudwara, Dalli-Rajhara- 491228
Phone no: (07748) 285639

Healthcare Services at Dalli Rajhara

Today Dalli Rajhara town does have pretty good number of well equipped hospitals. If we’ve to put it in numbers, then today there are approximately 10 to 12 well equipped hospitals in this town. All these decently well equipped hospitals are fully ensuring that general healthcare of this town stays at pretty optimum condition. Although many of these hospitals are still lacking in many modern infrastructures, but their role and importance in Dalli Rajhara’s healthcare services is simply undisputable. As far which are the most reputed hospitals here, then Shaheed Hospital, Pushpa Hospital and BSP Hospital are some of the renowned hospitals here. Coming to availability of chemist shops and general clinics, then Dalli Rajhara is equally self sufficient on this front as well. In fact number of chemist shops and clinics completely over exceeds number of hospitals, just as is the case with most other towns and cities.

Hospitals in Dalli-Rajhara

Shaheed Hospital
Address: Doctors Colony, Konde Road, Near BSNL Telephone Exchange, Dalli-Rajhara- 491228
Phone no: (07748) 285808, (07748) 285869

Pushpa Hospital
Address: Ward No.13, Chandani Bhata, Near Sharma Petrol Pump, Dalli-Rajhara- 491228
Phone no: (07748) 286735, (07748) 285735

Dalli Rajhara Community Health Centre
Address: Dalli-Rajhara Main Road, Near Dalli Rajhara Forest Office, Dondi Lohara, Dalli-Rajhara- 491228
Phone no: (07748) 264233

Chemist Shops in Dalli-Rajhara

Mahavir Medical Store
Address: Bsp Road, Jain Bhawan Chowk, Near State Bank Of India, Dallirajhara HO, Dallirajhara – 491228
Phone no: +(91)-7587223008, +(91)-7748-286354

Kamal Medical Store
Address: New Market Road, Shastri Chowk, Near Gurudwara, Dallirajhara HO, Dallirajhara – 491228
Phone no: +(91)-7748-286123

Praxis Derm Care Clinic
Address: Purana Bazar, Main Road, Dallirajhara Ho, Dallirajhara - 491228
Phone no: +(91)-7415185553

Vijay Medical Stores
Address: Purana Bazar, Main Road, Dallirajhara Ho, Dallirajhara - 491228
Phone no: +(91)-9669419457

Bharadwaj Medical Stores
Address: JAY Bhawani Market, Chandni Bhathi, Main Road, Dallirajhara Ho, Dallirajhara - 491228
Phone no: +(91)-9755917858

Transportation in Dalli Rajhara

Dalli Rajhara town is home to pretty decent number of auto rickshaws. These decent numbers of auto rickshaws fully ensure that local commuters can easily travel to any part of the town. The decent growth in number of auto rickshaws can be mainly attributed to continuous economic growth and steady urbanization that this town has witnessed for past couple of decades. As for connectivity to other cities is concerned, then local citizens here can anytime rely on Dalli Rajhara Railway Station for that. This station is directly connected to important cities like Raipur and Drug. This station is also used for exporting iron ore to SAIL plant in Bhilai and therefore plays a very critical role for local economy as well.

Police in Dalli Rajhara

Dalli Rajhara is a largely peaceful and stable town. Although few years back some random naxal attacks did take place in the outskirts of the town, but law enforcement agencies here have been largely successful in keeping law enforcement agencies at bay. So much so that today local people here barely live under shadow of naxal threat. Besides, Dalli Rajhara’s local police station fully ensures that no criminal elements – naxals or otherwise – are able to find any breeding ground here.

Dalli Rajhara Police Station
Address: Police Line, Station Road, Near BSP Hospital, Dalli-Rajhara- 491228
Phone no: (07748) 285740

Dalli Rajhara at a glance

Country : India
State : Chhattisgarh
District : Balod
Population (2001)
• Total : 50,615
• Official : Hindi, Chhattisgarhi
PIN : 491228
Telephone code : 07748

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